New: Omar Rudberg – La Mesa

There have been various forms of the Swedish boyband FO&O, previously The Fooo, then The Fooo conspiracy, but whatever the name, the music was always appealing.

The group may not still be together, but the result of the split is magnificent. After the split, we saw Omar Rudberg, Felix Sandman and Oscar Enestad all impress with their debut solo releases.

Right now the focus is on the latest release from Omar Rudberg who is taking inspiration from his South American heritage. The song is called La Mesa, the second release from the young Swedish artist.

The track features fellow Swede Elias Hurtig who is one of the songwriters on the track. The other songwriters include Antonio Barullo, Mauro Maahex, Yulien Oviedo and Omar himself.

La Mesa slips into the style that Omar is clearly adopting which could be described as ‘multicultural Latin pop’ as it has been inspired by the more traditional Latino pop style mixed with pockets of Swedish language lightly rapped by Elias Hurtig.

Does it reach the heights of his debut track, Que Pasa? Where Que Pasa might have been more of an instant hit, La Mesa has taken a few listens to get into the groove, but once you’re in the groove it’s hard to get out. It’s an addictive song that elevates the mood with catchy beat and melody.

Watch the official video below:

Find the song on Spotify here: