New: Aminata – Don’t Talk About It

Some former Eurovision participants fade into the abyss, while some others flourish after their appearance and former Latvian participant Aminata is well and truly flourishing.

Having just signed with a subsidiary of Sony Music, Aminata is ready to take her music international. The talented singer-songwriter has worked on a range of music since her Eurovision debut, but her latest track is called Don’t Talk About It.

The tune is backed by a very retro beat, but yet still feels contemporary. The verses are quite monotone but the choruses are a stand out. The repetition of the title of the song on the back of the chorus feels nostalgic and is definitely a highlight of the song. The other big drawcard is the bridge where the music takes a backseat and it’s all about the bass guitar and Aminata’s incredible voice.

Overall, this is a very radio friendly tune that mixes strong vocals with a nostalgic backing track. I don’t think it has the instant appeal that many of her previous songs had, but after a few listens it’s easy to get hooked.

The song was also released with an accompanying music video which definitely references the retro feel that her song has, and you can watch it below!

You can also find the song on Spotify:

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