New: Alessio Bernabei – Senza Filtri (EP)

With boyband beginnings, Alessio Bernabei established a fan following which has now carried on through his solo career. The Italian artist first made an appearance on the worldwide television format the X Factor where he was placed into a group which was called Dear Jack.

The group was successful and had even made an appearance at the prestigious Sanremo Song Festival however late 2015, Bernabei decided to pursue a solo career. Since then, he has signed a contract with Warner Music Italy and has released a series of incredibly catchy singles.

His latest single is titled Messi e Ronaldo which is part of the freshly released EP Senza Filtri. Compared to some of his previous singles, for example, Noi Siamo Infinito and Nel Mezzo Di Un Applauso, his latest track is a little more relaxed. The song is still very radio friendly with a catchy melody, but if you are looking for a real pop banger, this perhaps isn’t it.

Like Messi e Ronaldo and the release previous to that, ‘Ti Ricordi di me?’, his latest EP release has demonstrated a more grown up sound. In a sense, his music post Dear Jack has shown a progression from boyband style music towards a more sophisticated pop sound that still keeps its youthfulness.

There are six songs on the EP featuring both of his previously released singles, Messi e Ronaldo and Ti Ricordi di me, the latter being the opening track of the EP.

Watch the official video for ‘Ti Ricordi di me?’ and listen to Senza Filtri on Spotify below:

Listen to the EP below:

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