New: Gue Pequeno feat. Capo Plaza – Trap Phone

In the midst of an ‘Italian rap’ phase of my musical tastes, I was introduced to the music of Gue Pequeno, specifically the radio friendly song Guersace. The blurred line between pop and rap in Guersace made for an enjoyable listen, but as I’ve later discovered, this is just one facet of Gue Pequeno.

Not all of his releases have been pop oriented rap, but some lean more towards what could be described as the new wave of Italian rap. The Italian music scene right now is being flooded with up and coming rap artists, including Capo Plaza who features on Gue Pequeno’s latest track, Trap Phone.

The song is less aligned with the pop-rap blend Gue has produced before and is more towards a street style of rap. I would say that Trap Phone is more reflective of Capo Plaza’s current sound with the heavily produced beat and vocals. The beat is dark but still hooks you in, and if you already like the tone of Gue’s vocals, you’re likely to enjoy this song.

On the scale of things, Gue’s vocals are definitely less modified with Capo Plaza’s vocals heavily transformed with the production, but with Capo Plaza dominating the Italian charts, I’d say this is a notable characteristic of what I previously described as the new wave of Italian rap.

Having liked individual songs from both Gue Pequeno (primarily songs such as Guersace, Lungomare Latino and La Malaeducazione) and Capo Plaza (primarily Tesla and his feature on Emis Killa’s single Serio), it was likely that I was going to enjoy Trap Phone. It’s providing a nice taster of what’s to come, with Gue releasing an album titled Sinatra on the 14th of September.

Trap Phone is not currently up there amongst my favourite Italian rap songs, but the more I listen to it, the more I enjoy it. There will be a more specific crowd that enjoy this, perhaps not the pop crowd Gue has previously pulled in, but I would be surprised if this doesn’t impact on the Italian charts.

Listen to the song below:

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