New: Robin Stjernberg – I Don’t

Swedish artist Robin Stjernberg has been quiet lately, so much so that I crossed the border to the musical universe of fellow Swedish Robin of the Bengtsson variety. The truth is, there’s room for both of these talented artists in my playlists, but there will always be a special place in my heart for Robin Stjernberg.

Some artists choose to tease their new music over a matter of weeks, or even months (cough cough, Marco Mengoni) but with Robin, the wait was short and sweet, with teaser videos posted over his social media, and before I knew it, the full song was straight into my playlist.

His latest track, I Don’t, is quite simply infectious. Robin can pull out a big ballad when need be, but his upbeat releases bring so much joy and this song is no exception. From the first few seconds you are completely hooked, and then you reach the pre-chorus which more than adequately sets you up for that incredibly catchy chorus.

Already, the repeat button is getting abused with this song. It’s hard to listen to it once and not want to listen to it again, credit to the aforementioned melody for that, but also the overall sound of this song is both contemporary but features certain retro elements that are really charming. One of the most interesting additions is the tinkering of dirty dishes which we saw in the teaser video, and which we can hear in the gospel-like choruses.

If you only listen to one song today, make sure it’s this one.

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