New: Nathan Trent – Killer

There’s nothing more infectious than listening to the energetic tone of Nathan Trent, and luckily for us, he has well and truly served up another banger.

The Austrian artist has kept busy since his Eurovision performance in 2017, having released a number of singles that each seem to be catchier than the last. I was sold on Running On Air, but hearing some of his more recent releases such as Good Vibes, Secrets and Won’t Let You Go have kept the love affair with Nathan Trent going strong.

His most recent release is titled Killer, and yes, it accurately foreshadows this review. I could say that Nathan’s strong point is his choruses which can only be described as earworms, but in his latest track, I’d say that the highlights are actually the verses. The melody during the verses is sensationally smooth and his unique voice is given a chance to shine.

The banging beat assists in the likeability of this song but hearing Nathan’s vocals pushed a bit further in this song is a reminder of how good he is, and some of those runs, especially in the verses and towards the end of the song are spot on. I could listen to him sing ‘I-i-i-i-i-i-i should have known better’ a million times over and not be sick of it.

Nathan himself describes the subject of the song, saying ‘[Killer] puts experiences of past relationships into a very upbeat and energetic song. It’s a wake up call to break free from manipulation and the feeling of imprisonment within a relationship.

Upbeat and energetic it is, and I’m here for it.

Listen to the song on Spotify below:

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