New: Måneskin – Torna a Casa

Since their almost win in The X Factor Italy, eccentric group Måneskin are once again impressing with the latest release, Torna a Casa.

Why they didn’t win The X Factor Italy is beyond me, and their releases post-competition have brought new life to the Italian charts. Both their previous singles Chosen and Morirò da re have been incredibly energetic, contemporary and catchy but Torna a Casa has taken a different turn.

With a slower tempo comes a different level of energy, and this song is definitely more subdued than what we have come to expect from the band. The understated intro develops into an attention-grabbing verse, and it’s a long verse at that, but each line feels totally essential.

There are few breaks in the melody of the verse which helps to build the song up to the chorus, which once again is understated, but because of the lyrically intense verses, the choruses provide a moment to breathe again.

Upon the second verse, the instrumentals begin to develop and it begins to feel more rock oriented much like their previous singles. The bridge of this song is truly a highlight of this song with intense drums matched with intense vocals which are pushed further as the song progresses.

I’m usually more inclined to gravitate to upbeat, inoffensive pop tracks to fill my personal playlists but this song makes a big impact, despite being a slower song. The release of this song also helps the band to display diversity rather than staying within the box of their previous releases Chosen and Morirò da re, both of which are incredible songs in their own right, but it’s nice to hear something a little different.

Listen to the song below:

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